Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Dream Green Planet
(Concept Proposal)

PR Agency for the planet Earth

Thank you for your interest. Please spread the word to others you may feel might be interested in donating their talents, time or efforts to the cause.

We are creators of positive Planet Earth content for the internet and other forms of media. We create short videos to be streamed on Facebook/twitter, Print Ads to be inserted in public media, public live theatrical performances. Any form of communication with other humans in the form of video, music, animation, poetry...Bring your ideas! Together we can make this happen!

Everyone is welcome. We are also interested in recruiting folks who have been working in the ad industry. The corporate entities that are now destroying the planet for profit have exploited the talents of creative individuals for the sake of profit. They have convinced us that we were fortunate to be able to do what we love creating things to make their products look good and to convince the public to “buy in” to the so called “American Dream”. Dream A Green Planet will give us opportunities to use our skills and talent to do the opposite. We want to teach the public that the resources on planet Earth are for honoring.

Dream a Green Planet does not use money. No money ever changes hands for anything between anyone or any other entities. All resources are donated or done without.

There is only one payoff and it is that everyone gets to use their amazing talents to create a new world paradigm! The answers to global issues are already here. If we all coalesce around a new positive world view we can make change happen. Corporations have been using their money to convince us through media and advertising that we need to live the way we are today...miserable prisoners of a broken system doomed to drive our entire planet into extinction in a very short time. We need to use those same techniques of public media and engagement to redefine culture on our planet. The corporate paradigm has squeezed itself into every corner of our lives. We are allowing this to happen because we don't understand that it doesn't have to be that way. We can recreate a healthy world. We can do this by creating content to help the public understand where to look for happiness...it's not in the next new car or the bigger house, it's right here under our feet.

Dream A Green Planet exists solely to create media content that promotes a healthy, balanced planetary ecosystem with human engagement as a part of the process of life on Earth. Our message is that the Earth does not exist for humans to exploit. Humans exist as one part of the ecosystem.

So much of our language and rhetoric is divisive. We “fight a cold or cancer” instead of create good health. We “fight” poverty. We “fight” for our rights. We do battle every day with our language. At Dream A Green Planet we would rather focus on “creating” a positive new vision than “fighting or battling” an old one.

Bring your ideas for content. We will assemble a first class volunteer creative team around it and make it happen!

Suggested subjects

Community Empowerment
Saving Natural Resources
Reconnecting humans with
their food
other creatures
each other
Completely green energies
Sustainability 0 carbon Emissions
Focus on Creative Solutions to Big Issues
And many, many more...

We are planning a general meeting for interested people on Earth day at Goody Cable's farm in Beaverton on Sunday April 20 2014 at 2:00pm.

Please attend and bring your ideas. If you would like to attend contact Tracy Prescott-MacGregor by email tracypmacg@gmail.com and put “Dream A Green Planet” in the subject line.

Thanks so much!


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