Sunday, October 6, 2013

This blog is dedicated to stopping the Port of St. Helens attempt to rezone nearly 1,000 acres of Prime agricultural land in Clatskanie, Oregon to Rural Industrial.

I live on a small farm near Port Westward, Clatskanie, Oregon. There is an effort by the Port of St. Helens to re-zone nearly 1,000 acres of Prime Agricultural Land to Rural industrial at Port Westward.This would devastate the livelihoods of several farmers in the area who plant mint, blueberries, black caps, cotton wood and a CSA among others.

The Port of St. Helens is applying to re-zone the farmland preemptively in order to take advantage of Senate Bill 766 which helps expedite development on sites already zoned industrial. Their strategy appears to be to re-zone without a current project then apply for permitting to do what ever they want with very little public input (if any) The bill was never intended to be used this way. 

Areal View of the proposed expansion of rezoning. This includes 2 miles of riparian wildlife habitat along the shoreline that would devastate the salmon, white-tailed deer,eagle, river otter and blue heron populations among others.

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