Sunday, September 14, 2014

Clatskanie Forward holds a Farm to Table Supper to benefit Columbia Riverkeeper's efforts to stop Industrial Expansion at Port Westward!

What A HUGE Success!

Thank you Jim Pianki, Dillon Brady and Patrick Leue for 3 days of food prep and an incredible meal available nowhere else in the world at such high quality!

Thank you to all the donors who donated local products 

Tule oil
Rogue Farm Brewery
The Meadow Salts
Blue mountain Ciders
Lillich Wines
The Amazing soil of Port Westward

Thank you to my fellow farmers, the Clatskanie Farmers Market, all the neighbors and friends and family who came together with labors of love to make this evening possible. are all part of the Save Port Westward family!

We ARE one!

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